Strategic Guidance

Transitioning your business from where it is now to anywhere else can be a stress-inducing experience. You can expect your ECA transition experience to be comprehensive and fully supported. The last thing you want during a transition is surprises. Here’s what we do to help you during the transition process:

Advisor Transitions

  • Customize client transition plan
  • Complete all relevant client paperwork related to transition
  • Conduct asset review and approval
  • Establish advisor firm with custodian
  • Assist with client communications
  • Setup new accounts and transfer cost basis information as applicable
  • Trade new accounts to set to portfolios you choose


  • Offer assistance/guidance with transition to ECA
  • Utilization of ECA
  • Provide RIA compliance oversight and support
  • Assist with audits
  • Provide E&O insurance
  • Provide continual oversight concerning DOL regulations and changes

Investment Management

Increasingly, a heightened focus on true financial planning means investment management is being commoditized across all advisory platforms, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. In fact, the opposite is true. Having full confidence in a money manager is the very element that allows advisors to focus more on planning than on choosing investments to meet client needs. At ECA, we take this relationship very seriously, resulting in a robust fiduciary-based investment platform that can align with almost any advisor planning style.

A focus on managing risk and volatility across a lifetime of retirement.

Our portfolio managers’ primary objective is to assist clients in meeting their objectives. Like a successful baseball team, our managers aren’t preoccupied with swinging for the fences at every at-bat.

Instead, they focus on hitting singles and doubles and consistently getting on base in order to help clients reach their retirement goals. We don’t believe in superstar managers; we believe in seeing clients win.

No Conflicts of Interest.

As an RIA firm, we serve as fiduciaries for our clients. Therefore, we do not utilize mutual funds or hedge funds that are proprietary or commission-based. A pure fee-based investing platform allows us to align our incentives with those of our clients.

Constant Due Diligence.

Through our strategic alliances, we’re able to offer management that includes rigorous vetting and monitoring of numerous money managers to help ensure those who manage your clients’ investments are staying true to the investment discipline you’ve hired them for.

Advisor Communications
& Market Intelligence

ECA doesn’t just offer you money managers from which to choose, we support you in all aspects of delivering investment management solutions to your clients, from proposal to implementation to ongoing service.

  • Help create initial recommendation/strategy for assets as needed
  • Provide recommendations for special asset strategies as needed
  • Generate client-ready, customizable quarterly advisor communications
  • Create and communicate weekly missives via email
  • Provide access to communication with a full-time CFA research team as needed