Back Office

One of the most high leverage areas available to you as an advisor is a highly professional and integrated back office. Having these pieces in-place allows you to do more of what you got into the business to do, spend time with and advise clients!

Here is what an advisor who is aligned with ECA can expect from their back office support experience:

Daily Administrative Duties

  • Ensure new paperwork and assets are properly executed by custodian of your choice
  • Set up and maintain distributions
  • Create individual folders and post scanned documents into proper account records
  • Customized automated workflow for your business process
  • Follow up and follow through of account transfers
  • Handle daily uploads, downloads, reconciliation, price updates
  • Communicate requests with custodian (transfers, restriction notices, etc.)


Provide basic & customized reporting for your needs. Track cost basis for incoming securities.


Calculate quarterly account deduction and send payment to you.


Trade models of your choice. Liquidate assets as needed for fees and other withdrawal request & rebalance portfolios as needed.